The last few weeks have been busy, busy for AIRTAG. We are excited to have new partners on board, rolling out Mobile Shopping Solutions in the last week for Dennys and Alfarooj. Dennys has opted for AIRTAG’s AIRFID Mobile Loyalty & Couponing solution. Alfarooj has chosen AIRTAG’s AIRSHOP Mobile Ordering & Payment solution, to be deployed in 50+ locations from France to Dubai.

If you missed our big announcement, we have also launched the AIRTAG Kit, now available for purchase via The AIRTAG Kit is a set of smart tools that speed and simplify the development of PayPass applications using MasterCard’s Mobile Payment User Interface Software Development Kit. For the first time, all the necessary tools for developing PayPass and Wallet apps, are available in one package including a community of support through our Developer Program.

AIRTAG’s CEO and co-founder Jérémie Leroyer, had the opportunity last week to share his insights with on the future of NFC and why the AIRTAG Kit is so unique. AIRTAG has never been solely focused on mobile Payments, instead we see Mobile Payments as part of the larger equation we like to refer to as Mobile Shopping. Our solutions support different payment schemes and technologies depending on the retailer or bank that we are partnering with, in some cases NFC but also payment schemes like PayPal.

The infrastructure for NFC is going to take time because all the players need to secure strategies and “change comes slowly in financial services.” (Robert McGarvey, Credit Union Times) And this delay causes skepticism from consumers. However, AIRTAG agrees that the future looks bright for NFC because it is simply more secure for the end user, which means lower fees for merchants.

“When there is more security with payments, fraud is going to be lower. As fraud is going to be lower due to the security, of course fees are going to be lower. And this is very interesting for merchants, and this is what merchants are looking for … a solution that is cheaper for them.” (Jérémie Leroyer,

The penetration will be slow and according to Jérémie it will be a few more years before we even see 10-20% of transactions done by NFC Mobile Payment. With these various obstacles, the AIRTAG Kit is aimed at lowering the entry barrier for banks, financial institutions and MNO’s, to simplify the development of PayPass apps, to sooner get them into the hands of the end users.

Slow change from financial institutions has been expected. Nevertheless it cannot be overlooked that mobile phone user behavior is changing everything. As we move into this holiday season it is interesting to think about how the capabilities of Mobile Shopping have and will continue to change our life since the mobile boom with the release of the iPhone in 2007. This holiday 1 in 4 shoppers will purchase by mobile according to research from Shopify and 43% will purchase by mobile next year, emphasizing the consistent and steady incline we are going to see in purchasing from the mobile channel.

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