Oberthur Technologies was the only two-category winner in this year’s Sesames Awards, repeating its successes from 2007 when it also gathered in two honors. The awards, which represent innovations in the smart card and ID industry, were presented during the opening of the CARTES and IDentification show in Paris.

There were 35 finalists in the ten categories, out of 233 entrants, the most ever for a Sesames contest. Sophie Lubet, CARTES show manager, opened the awards ceremony before 400 guests.

Here are the 2008 winners:

Hardware: Infineon Technologies with its SLE 78 controller family with Integrity Guard, which increases chip security and flexibility. The company’s new concept adapts itself automatically to future threats.

Software: Gemalto’s Smart Card Web Mashups, an application model for personal and secure Web applications embedded in a Java Card 3.0 USB device. These applications, accessible from any browser, are managed by their owners and also are mixed with external Web content and applications (like widgets) thanks to the Web mashup techniques.

IDentification application: Motorola’s Bio-Enrol software with interfaces for multicultural environments, allowing an enrollment process for most possible types of applicants. It’s also designed for agencies that need a customized solution that can be integrated into their workflows.

IT Security application: GO-Trust’s SD solution, which embeds any smart card chip in MicroSD so the chip-based applications can run on more than a billion-plus cell phones and PDAs that accept SD memory. The solution includes a special controller and provides multi-platform security APIs so no application modification is required.

Transportation application: Giesecke & Devrient’s Touch & Travel, an NFC-based mobile ticketing solution for the German railway, Deutsche Bahn and G&D. It combines classical SIM functionality with NFC technology. The main requirements for the system design were cost efficiency, convenience and flexibility.

Banking / Finance / Retail application: XIRING’s Xi Sign wallet, a pocket, slim card-size solution that manages contact and contactless EMV functions, such as authentication, electronic signature, contactless payment services, balance and transaction logs display. Users get the standalone companion to use with their payment cards.

Health Care application: Oberthur Technologies’s WebSTIC.Health, a USB key designed to secure and extend the use of an online health vault in offline mode. The user can enter his medical records offline on the key and synchronize securely the online vault when connected. WebSTIC.Health protects the confidential user data and offers strong authentication access to the online vault.

Mobile application: Oberthur’s GIGANTIC WUAOW, a multimedia SIM including 512 MB, SWP for NFC, USB-IC, Java card 3.0 and Web Services. It allows for all customer Identities and applications to be provided by the UICC.

E-Transaction application: Atos Worldline’s Fast booking on ATM, a service enabling consumers to reserve tickets for shows or sports events through an existing ATM. This new function can also generate additional income for banks, thus increasing an ATM’s profitability.

Customer Loyalty application: Garanti Payment systems’s Flexi Card, that allows holders to determine the specifications of the card that are compatible with their spending habits. A fully customizable Flexi allows cardholders to create a card with the interest rate, the reward system, the card fee and even the card design of their choice. 

Source : www.contactlessnews.com