Contactless reader provider SCM Microsystems has introduced @MAXX prime, a new family of portable USB devices that enable secure electronic transactions, data storage and access. The entire range of the SCM @MAXX devices are expected to include secure smart card functionality alongside flash storage to provide mobile authentication for a variety of electronic applications, including financial services, transportation, e-payment, logical and physical access, digital signature and public key infrastructure.Immediately available is SCM’s @MAXX prime, a device that offers a combination of fixed and expandable memory space along with a reader for small SIM-sized dual interface smart cards, with a built in antenna and supporting both contact and contactless technology. @MAXX prime also includes on-board flash memory, a microSD card reader and expansion capabilities via a female USB connector. Based on the @MAXX family concept, @MAXX NFC is planned to be introduced later this year and will enable NFC-based applications on mobile phones and other devices lacking NFC capabilities. SCM plans to introduce further @MAXX models next year.

When connected to a USB port and used with smart card technology, SCM’s @MAXX prime can provide strong authentication for access to PCs and networks, as well as digital signature and encryption tools. It can also provide secure PIN protection for accessing on-board portable flash data storage. When unconnected, @MAXX prime provides contactless smart card functionality, which can facilitate contactless payment or contactless physical access to buildings.

To further expand the capabilities of and bundle services to @MAXX prime and other planned products in the @MAXX family, SCM has invested $2.5 million to acquire an equity stake in TranZfinity Inc., a privately-held company based in Carlsbad, Calif. that develops trusted devices and associated services for secure access and electronic transactions. 

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