Conference programme released


9:30 Opening Plenary Session

Keynote-Official Sponsor: NXP Semiconductors

• Heikki Huomo, Vice President, Market Sector NFC (From March 1st)

“Expanding the Global Market for NFC”
- Key ingredients for global success with NFC
- Driving adoption of NFC
- Market Trends and Developments

10:30 NFC in a complementary wireless ecosystem

The NFC Ecosystem: Standardization, Interoperability
and coexistence

• Keynote: Gerhard Romen,
Head of NFC Market Development, Nokia / Vice Chairman, NFC Forum

11:00 Market Development – Rollout of NFC Infrastructure

• Laurent Jullien, Director of Contactless & Payment Services, Bouygues Telecom
• Sophie Tacchi, Contacless Solutions, Sensors and Actuators, IBM
«NFC New Business Opportunities»
• Gerhard Romen, Head of NFC Market Development, Nokia

14:00 “City Life”- Payment & Ticketing

• Keynote: Shashi Verma, Director Oyster Card, Transport for London
• Dr. Tuomo Tuikka, Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D. Mobile Interaction, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
«Smart City – NFC As an enabler of services»
• Gerben Mak, Director Innovation, LogicaCMG
«A new mobile revolution: the quest for the next killer value added services»
• Herbert Pamminger, Vice President Business Segment, Airports / Shopping Center, Business Unit Car Access, Skidata AG

16:30 Professional Applications – NFC Applications & Services

• Keynote: Jason R.Weiss, Chief Software Architect, Over-C
«NFC Applications «Here & Now!»
• Kurt Schmidt, CEO, Nexperts
«Opportunities for business and organisation to get short term benefits from using NFC»
• Jean-Claude Nataf, Directeur, Pôle SCS (TBC)

17:30 Panel Discussion – When will the big players start in Europe?


9:00 MOBEY FORUM / WIMA Conference
The Mobey Forum (a global non-profit forum driven by the finance industry) is presenting its first conference in conjunction with a NFC industry event. Participation from the international banking, financial, IT, and mobile operator sectors. Main themes will be discussing the mobile financial services ecosystem especially in context of NFC and the collaborative business models.

• Lisa Kanniainen, Executive Director, Mobey Forum / Vice President, mobile banking, Nordea
“How to enrol banking credentials to NFC phones? Introducing the Mobey Forum Enrolment White Paper & the market feedback received.”
• Jürgen Rogg, Executive Director, UBS & Chairman of the Mobey Forum Business Workgroup
“The key objectives of Bankers in the mobile space? Introducing the Mobey Forum Business Workgroup.”
• Keynote: Mung-Ki Woo, Vice President Payment & Contactless, FranceTelecom, Group Strategic Marketing, Advanced Products and Services
«Building a successful NFC ecosystem»
• Mark Buitenhek, General Manager Retail Payments Europe, ING
• Dan Armstrong, Chief Technology Officer, Rabo Mobiel, Rabobank (TBC)
• Patrice Hertzog, Payment Systems Credit Mutuel – CIC
«Contactless mobile payments experience in a multi-bank and multi-MNO environment»
• Aymeric Harmand, Mobile Product Line, Advanced & Innovation Product Marketing, Oberthur Technologies
«How mobile payment can meet banks’ needs for security and confidentiality»
• Vincent Veran, NFC Marketing & Manager, Gemalto

14:00 Special Presentation: The Mobile Suica Service

• Hajimi Yamada, Deputy General Manager, IT & Suica Business Development Headquarters, East Japan Railway Company
«Just touch your mobile phone to the automatic fare gates, and you can get on a train»

14:30 Professional Applications – Payment /Ticketing /Products
• Andras Vilmos, Project Manager, StoLPaN
«Issuing and managing financial applications in an NFC capable mobile handset»
• Jean-Pierre Dubord, Innovation Director, Experian WE
• Peter Preuss, Head of Strategy & New Business Development, RMV
«NFC Deployment @ Frankfurt: An update»
• Pauli Tossavinen, Managing Director, Top Tunniste
«NFC B-B applications»

18:30 Cocktail
19:30 Touching the Future: NFC Forum Global Competition Awards Ceremony


9:30 User Interfaces – How to keep the promise of simple usability?

11:30 Panel Discussion – What makes the business wait?

14:00 Act! – The next steps – Open Loop Applications